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Welcome to Art Café Bar, in Victory Hill !!!

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Sihanoukville, nice dynamic city on the beach in Cambodia, with many bars and fun.

February 2013 : We just recreated this website that exist since 2010 Welcome To Sihanoukville Bar.
List of the bars that we just visited :

Occheuteal Bars Sihanoukville:
- Coconut Tree Bar
- Doner Kebab Express
- Insomnia Bar
- Poison Bar
- Reggae Bar

Serendipity Bars Sihanoukville:
- Cloud 9
- Cove Beach
- Le Bistot Gourmand.
- The Mango Room

DownTown Bars Sihanoukville:
- Freelance Bar and Hotel.
- Rainbow Guesthouse

Victory Hill Bars Sihanoukville:
- 66 Guesthouse
- Art Cafe
- Barracuda Blues
- Corner Bar
- Dragon Fly
- Le Cabanon
- Les Rougets
- Golden Rooster
- Johnny Walker's
- Metal Heart
- Mojo Bar
- Papagayo bar and restaurant.
- PhnomPenh Bar
- Pussy Cat Bar
- Sahara Bar
- The Look
- Tutti Frutti
- Upstair Bar
- V-Lounge
- Woulou

Ream Guesthouse :
- Ream beach Guesthouse. Bar reserved for guesthouse customers.

Last update : 1 April 2013
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More informations about the bars in Sihanoukville : A good directory in Sihanoukville.